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Whether it’s chronic pain, a new injury, or a desire to improve your health and performance.. Integrative Movement and Katmah Training is here to help. From Athletic Therapy, Myofascial Cupping, and Strength and Conditioning services- there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a equestrian athlete, any other athlete, or suffering of any pain or health condition- we can help.

With online and in person services available, you no longer have any reason to put your goals off.

Check out the pages below to find informed, educated, and researched articles on different aspects of health and fitness, a list of services available, and online membership options.

For you riders: Kathlyn of Katmah Training has been dubbed the “equitation guru” by many satisfied clients, and is the fitness expert for Heels Down Magazine. If you want to up your game, here’s where you start. With expert movement evaluations and a program that suits you and you’re specific needs- there isn’t a better option!

Questions? Email us at katmahtraining@gmail.com

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Excellent clinical eye for detail; treatment approaches; and designing exercise programs to aid recovery. Highly recommend!!

Scott S.

I had a great session in June. I continue to be aware of my posture on and off the horse and feel the difference. Looking forward to the next one.

Kelly Campbell