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A little goes a long way…

A little clip from SageHill with a couple of my performance clients. The top video is before any corrections were made to Gwen’s position. Note the movement in her mid-lower back, the slightly forward angle of her body, and the bounciness in her seat. 
The bottom video is after some corrections were made. Note here how she is sitting more upright, her back is much more stable, and it looks like a much smoother ride? 

Gwen had originally complained of ankle pain during and after rides, one big modification for her was teaching her how to relax her ankle joint. My cue was “jello” ankles, which worked quite well. Note in the second video how her ankles look a little more fluid and her seat overall is smoother? The jello ankles in coordination with some cueing to properly activate her core and adjusting her positiong in the tack all work in coordination to form that nice smooth ride we are building with Gwen. 

This was the first session working with her on the horse, small changes made to encourage a more efficient posture for her in the tack.. all of this partnered with a exercise program specific to her needs of course. These small improvements are steps in the right direction to making Gwen’s ride it’s best for her and her horse. 

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