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Neck Release #mobilitymonday

Hi! I didn’t get to the barn today (I was too involved with turkey) so #mobilitymonday takes place with some awesome wall paper instead! Tight neck? I have something for you! Two stretches. The first movement is for levator scapulae, and the second is for the upper traps! They both hit a few other muscles in the process as that is how the body works. This is an EXCELLENT series for riders, office workers, barn workers, students, and everyone else. Us humans like to let our head get too far in front of our shoulders and that makes all these little muscles work much harder then they should! Headaches and tension in the shoulders can stem from these neck muscles. 


Perform each stretch for 20-30 seconds at least 3 times, repeating throughout the day whenever you can possibly do it! Make sure you’re looking towards your pocket in the first one, and looking straight ahead in the second. You should feel the stretch first in your upper back and neck and then in the side of your neck. No pain or discomfort should be felt, reduce the level of stretch if there is! *if you have a neck injury or known problem, please consult your professional before adding these guys in! 
You’ll notice a big difference in how you feel! 

Let me know how it goes for you! 

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