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The 2 Minute Challenge #1

Health is dynamic, and research is starting to show that the standard 30-60min workouts aren’t always a necessary means to fitness.

For those of us who have busy lives and can’t always find a routine that fits into the schedule, there are many ways to challenge your body and get the benefits of exercise without a large time commitment.

I know for myself I often spend more time training clients then I do myself, and after a long day in various gyms- I don’t necessarily want to spend a lot more time there doing my own workout.

So, today I’m introducing the “2- minute Challenge” for better health. Every day, for the month of December, I’ll be posting a 2 minute series of movements and exercises designed to get your body working and your mind settled. I guarantee you can find 2 minutes in your day, and so can I. Also- If you participate daily I promise you’ll notice a difference in how you feel too!

Of course- it’s up to you. Take 2 minutes for you and your body, or don’t. If you don’t, nothing will change. If you do, the possibilities are endless 😏

Now, for today’s 2-minutes!

1. Plank, 1 min (or 30sx2 or 10sx6)

Make sure the body is one big straight line, butt is in line with shoulders and there isn’t any sagging in the back. Core should be engaged and shoulders pulled strong down the back. Maintain a regular breathing pattern!

Plank is a fantastic total body exercise, postural exercise, and is sure to make you feel good about yourself post-plank!

2. Reclined Twist 30s/side or 10s/side x3!

Excellent for aiding in spine metabolism, circulation, and digestion.. This not only feels great but benefits many different systems in the body! Make sure you’re taking nice deep breaths throughout, and don’t fret if you get a few pops in the back (as long as there is no pain, they are harmless).

This twist will help open up your spine, rib cage, release got abdominal muscles and allow the entire body to relax.. And relaxation aides in total body health and happiness.

Getting these two things in for 2 minutes once in your day is great… but if you can add them in a few more times you’ll feel even better! What’s 2 minutes here and there in your day, right?

Sharing is caring, challenge your friends, barn buddies, and co-workers to get in on the challenge!

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