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Wake Up!

It’s Monday morning, and if any of you are like me… you’re wishing you could stay under the covers just a bit longer.

However, once you hop out of bed- there’s lots to be done! Nobody can deny the busyness of a new week- except your body and your energy levels, of course.

So here, a special treat for your monday (or any day, really) to help you wake up and get rid of any stiffness. Do this right as you crawl out of bed to really get your day off to a good start.. Or, integrate it into your day at work. On a break, or after your lunch to stave off those afternoon nap cravings.


We’re starting with a wide knee child’s pose. Get those hips loosened and ready to move. Wake up your breathing. Centre your mind. Stay here for minimum for 10 deep breaths.

Next comes a wide twist from all fours. Reach up and stretch that top arm towards the ceiling, before swinging it under and reaching to the opposite side. Feel the opening in your shoulders, upper back and breath. This feels great first thing- but also amazing after a big meal or a long morning in the office, or barn. I only do 3 to each side in the video, but definitely try to do 8-10 on each side!

Lastly in this short sequence, comes pigeon pose. A great stretch for the glutes and hips. Amazing after a long drive, or meeting, or ride. Stay here for as long as you want, in the top position or letting your body come towards the ground. I recommend at least 10 breaths per side.

Finish the sequence with another 10 breaths in wide- knee child’s pose!

We can’t stop Mondays from coming, but we can prepare ourselves!

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