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Monday Work Break 

It’s Monday! Time to get that butt moving. Here’s a quick set for you to throw into your day! It’ll only take you five minutes, which makes it an excellent desk break or work break. 
1. Elbows Back Squats x15 

2. Reverse Lunge with high knee x10/side

3. Down-Dog to Plank x10 (*add a push-up to the plank for extra arms!) Repeat the whole group anywhere from 1-10 times, either all at once or any time you have a few minted to spare in your day. Integrate movement into your daily life however you can and you’ll be amazed at what happens! Get to it! 

Be sure to keep knees over toes with no inward collapsing in both the squats and the lunged. Work towards getting that triangle shape by pushing hips up in the down dog, and keep a straight line through the entire body in the plank. Work at a pace that suits you, but I recommend a quicker pace for the squats with a more focused pace for the other two exercises! 


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