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Fix It Fridays: Sweet Tooth


My name is Kathlyn and I am a sugar addict.

I don’t think I’m alone, either. 

In today’s world of processed, readily available snacks, shakes, and grab and go meals.. it’s hard not to be. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ve heard, sugar isn’t so great for us.

It’s well known that increased sugar intake is linked to higher rates of obesity, metabolic disorders, fatigue, anxiety/depression symptoms, attention problems, chronic pain, cardiac conditions, thyroid conditions, and diabetes. To put together a brief list.

Yes, sugar is what our body runs on.. sugar being glucose which we derive from carbohydrates in our diet. However, there is a big differently between the useful kinds of sugars, and the processed/refined versions that are usually found in our snacky foods, coffees, and drinks.

I’m not going to lecture on why sugar is bad- instead I’m just going to give you some tips on how to stave off that sweet tooth and start getting that addiction under control.

Related to last week’s breakfast article, eating a good meal first thing will help keep the munchies away and your energy up throughout the day.

Having healthy snacks on hand (fruit, pre-cut veggies, nuts, yogurt (unsweetened), dried fruits) will make it easier to grab something nutritionally preferable then to head to that vending machine and grab a kit kat or a soda.

For all you energy drinkers out there… the above tip will do you wonders as well. Weaning yourself off high sugar content drinks does take effort, but combined with well timed nutrition packed snacks such as veggies and fruit and the next tip (hint: hydration) will do wonders for your energy levels and your overall health. Red Bull may give you wings, but it doesn’t do you much health wise.

HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION! I find that adding some lemon juice, making iced tea (not Nestle, rather literally iced tea of any variety brewed over night or brewed hot and adding ice to your fav. tea, infusing water with fruit, cucumber and herbs… all make getting that daily water intake in much more flavourable.

Lastly- MOVE AROUND DARNIT. I find I get the worst snack attacks when I spend extended amounts of time immobile. My recommendation for anyone spending long hours working at a desk, driving, or sitting is to take movement breaks every 20-30minutes, and at the very least every hour. Stand up, walk about, jump up and down, do some planks, do some stretches, just move! Taking breaks like this throughout your day will not only keep your energy levels from crashing, it will also distract you, keep the blood flowing, and keep your brain off it’s sugar fix.

That’s it for this week. What’s your guilty pleasure snack… and how do you keep yourself from over doing it on the sugar?



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