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Fix it Friday’s: Reverse Your Immobility

We all spend time sitting. Our societal norms are based around social (or not social) activities such as sitting for dinner, drinks, sitting in front of a device, sitting at the theatre, driving to the next thing.. We like to flex our spines in today’s world. 

We also all know by now how bad long periods of immobility are for our health. Immobility, or being in the same position for lengthened periods of time, has been shown to feed into joint problems, circulatory problems, undue swelling, decreased immune response, obesity, and other negative health outcomes. Yet we still all do it. 

What many people don’t realize is how simple and beneficial movement breaks can be. You don’t have to give up your seated entertainment, social affairs, or quit your job to stay healthy. 

My advice to clients is to take a break from the chair every 20minutes. That could be a walk around the office, a stretch break, or a quick movement series every time Netflix asks if you’re still binge watching Friends (or is that just me?). 

One of my favorite movements to reverse the effects of a seated position is the cobra. Not only does it leave you feeling empowered, it is the opposite of the flexed position we sit in at the hips, spine, and shoulders. Shown above- This extension posture mobilizes the spine and stretches the front. And it’s super easy to do anywhere, anytime! 

Another easy thing to do when you’re sitting for a long time is frequent changes in position. Do some chair dancing and move those legs around- switch how you sit- and try not to cross your legs too much. 

If you work in and office or spend a lot of time driving- take every opportunity to get out of that chair and utilize whatever space you have to move things and stretch things out. It’ll keep your energy flowing and prevent that stiff body down the road! 

Oh and ps- I do offer corporate movement classes….: 😏 #shamelessmarketing 

Take care of yourselves out there! 

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