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Roll on, Sunday

I don’t know about you- but the end of the week leaves me exhausted. Sunday’s are generally my Wednesday’s- so I have to find ways to keep myself energized and ready to confront Monday’s no matter what (they still feel like Mondays, even if their mid week for me!). 

I’ve been working through some of my own aches and pains lately- and part of my rehab includes my trusty foam roller to loosen the muscles around my shoulders and thoracic spine- to help my lower spine and hips work a little better. Such a common thing to see among my clients as well, a poorly functioning upper spine causing issues up and down the chain. 

Here’s a couple of the moves I used tonight to loosen up my shoulders. Get your roller and try them out! 


Make sure your spine is aligned with the roller, with your chin tucked and pelvis tilted. First up is straight arm flexions- you’ll feel this between the shoulders as the muscles contract against the roller for a nice active massage effect. Repeat this movement 10-20times. 

Next is Angels. If you’ve done wall slides before this is the same movement. An excellent opener for the chest and the front of the shoulders, it doubles as an active massage for the upper back. Repeat 10-20 times. 

Both these make an fabulous warm up as well pre-workout, ride, or as an office break. 

Let me know how it goes! 

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