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What’s Your Coverage?

Athletic Therapists (CAT(C)) are highly trained in the art and science of rehabilitating injury, managing chronic pain, preventing injuries, and assessing and correcting movement. You will also see AT’s on the sidelines of my sporting events as the first response to injuries and taking care of athletes when it comes to taping and rehabilitation. They are recognized exercise science professionals.

Here in Manitoba, many insurance companies offer excellent coverage for athletic therapy treatments.

We are all athletes- don’t let pain, dysfunction, or poor posture slow you down.

Here’s an overview of some of the coverages in MB. Be sure to check your coverage and use it if you have it!

If you hold a plan with Blue Cross, typically their extended coverage plans cover between 80-100% of athletic therapy treatments up to a certain dollar amount per calendar year (works out to 7-15 treatments depending on the plan).

TEACHERS! You have AMAZING AT coverage at 100% with the Manitoba Teacher’s Socieity.. make sure you’re using it!!!

If you’re a student and you’ve opted into your health plan at your University, Greenshield covers you up to usually $300-$400/year, that works out to 7-10 sessions.And for you football players, MB Football offers 100% coverage if you’ve been injured in practice or a game. Riders- MB Horse Council does also have some insurance coverage for injuries involving you and your horse. Many other sporting associations offer insurance coverage with their yearly membership fees.

Great West Life has some insurance coverage for athletic therapy treatments!

WCB and MPI will both cover athletic therapy costs after an injury at work or in your car- so don’t forget hesitate on making a claim or contacting your therapist to get the appropriate paperwork done.

When it comes to other insurance providers, often they will cover athletic therapy if a formal request is made- this is something your therapist can do or help you with. Athletic Therapy can also be claimed on your taxes within the health benefits category.

If you have it- take advantage of it! Even if you don’t have an acute injury, seeing an Athletic Therapist can improve areas of chronic pain or stiffness, energy, and function in work and play!

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