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Find us at these locations! 

    1. St.Boniface/Norwood Grove, Winnipeg – MORFIT Training Centre
    2. Charleswood/Park West, Winnipeg – Inside The Yoga Barre
    3. Carman, MB/Pembina Valley (Empower Fitness)

At all locations you can expect high quality, personalized service in Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, and Health Coaching.

Athletic Therapy

We are all athletes- don’t let pain, dysfunction, or poor posture slow you down. Talk to Kathlyn today about how she can help you move well and live well! Click above to view the booking site!

Services include injury assessment and rehab, work place assessments, sport and work conditioning programs, and on field event coverage.


Massage Therapy


Holding a 4year BSc. in Kinesiology, Kinesiologists are experts at assessing movement and prescribing exercise for numerous health conditions. Whether it be managing health around chronic conditions such as pain, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, or blood pressure or using exercise as a tool to improve health, energy, and mood- talking to a degreed Kinesiologist is your best bet.

Whether you’re looking for personal training or small group sessions- there’s options! Click the Training heading to see more information.

Numa Somatic Breathwork



Group Seminars/Workplace Wellness

For sporting associations, groups, or workplaces. Let me give you some insight to your posture, positions, and training- and how it can all effect your overall performance in the workplace, as a weekend warrior, or as a high level athlete. Contact for topics and pricing.

*pricing may vary! packages and discounts available…please contact us at

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  1. Hello my name is Molly McElroy and iam the captain of the Wilson college hunt seat team. I was wondering if you did any clinics? We would love to to be able to work with you.
    Thank you.

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