Workplace Wellness Initiative

The Facts

We know that wellness programs in the workplace not only drastically improve productivity, revenue, and employee satisfaction– wellness programs also help to reduce organization healthcare costs, sick day expenses, and aid in preventing the major disease categories affecting our population today.

Did you know that 70% of an organization’s costs come from healthcare expenses? These costs skyrocket by 50% if employee’s are stressed.

In Canadian’s, 63% or more of employees demonstrate 3 or more unhealthy behaviours, and 53% show 2 or more risk factors for major disease development.

Movement sessions and guided wellness initiatives have been shown to decrease stress levels, promote healthy behaviours, and encourage long lasting health habits in and out of the workplace.

Not only does helping keep your team healthy benefit you and your business (studies show that wellness initiatives in house boost revenue and productivity by 11% per employee, and save upwards of $742/employee/year in costs and lost productivity!)– it also helps your community and economy!

The Offer

Integrative Movement wants to assist your business in it’s wellness endeavours.

Our Workplace Wellness Initiative includes:

  • In House Consult

  • In House Weekly Movement Sessions

  • In House Individual Therapy Sessions (2x/mo or as desired)

  • Virtual Habit Building and Nutrition Tools to assist your team members with long lasting health improvement and maintenance.