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Integrative Movement & Katmah Training is a multi-faceted movement based group of practitioners that believe health doesn’t come in cookie cutter form. Our team of Athletic Therapists and Kinesiologists offer rehabilitation, personal training, health coaching, pain/chronic disease management, and sport first responder services in Manitoba as well as online coaching services for those at a distance.
Our highly trained and passionate practitioners craft plans for each and every client based on that client’s unique needs and goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to enhance your athletic performance, develop a plan to combat your chronic pain or health condition, improve you’re lifestyle habits, or just add a fitness professional to your health care team- we’ve got you covered. Our services are coverable by most major insurance companies- including MPI and WCB (conditions may apply).
All our practitioners also have a keen interest in doing educational events for communities, organizations, and corporate events!  Keep scrolling to meet our practitioners!

Kathlyn Hossack BSc. CAT(C) Founder

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Having been an athlete most of her life she was drawn to a career in health where she was able to use the power of movement to improve human health in all it’s facets.

Kathlyn opened Integrative Movement in 2016, and following some entrepreneurial intuition have grown it from a mobile therapy practice she ran out of her car into a multi-location, multi-disciplinary practice across Western Canada.

It became apparent to Kathlyn early on in her career that humans are so much more than just the sum of their parts. All our systems are interrelated, and movement has the power to influence not only our physical and systemic being, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual being. There is no cookie cutter approach to rehabilitation, training, or health- and every person is different. Pain is the result of something not working properly, but the location of pain is rarely the answer. Each client comes in with different stories and different goals, it inspires her every day to empower them on their path. Kathlyn also owns and consults within RideWell Performance, our equestrian athlete specific branch.

Most recently she has begun her training in Psychosomatic Breathwork under Numa Somatics, and has a special interest in using the combination of this work, movement, and manual therapies in chronic pain and trauma rehabilitation.

She is an avid challenger of her own comfort zone, and take any opportunity to explore the world, different experiences, and challenge boundaries within herself and within others.

She takes clients in St Boniface, Charleswood, Carman/Pembina Valley, and routinely visit Alberta to work with concierge clients.


  • Athletic Therapy, Myofascial Cupping, Myofascial Release techniques
  • Supported Healing Sessions
  • Mindful Movement Facilitation
  • Nutrition Coaching/Habit Based Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training, Online Training and Coaching,
  • First Responder Services
  • Speaking/Educational Events

Lisa Smyrichinsky BSc. CAT(C)


In June of 2015 Lisa graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Athletic Therapy). She then went on to certify as an Athletic Therapist and holds the designation CAT(C).

Lisa’s passion for health and wellness developed through her involvement in rhythmic gymnastics at a young age. After years of competing at a provincial level, she went on to become a national level coach and judge. While completing her university degree Lisa expanded her experience working with athletes in various sports and began with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s Volleyball Team. She spent two seasons with Wesmen Volleyball and then continued on to student athletic therapist roles with the Manitoba Soccer Association, West Kildonan Collegiate’s Football Team, and the St. Vital Victorias MMJHL Hockey Team.

Clinically Lisa has had the opportunity to work with individuals with acute and chronic injuries that have been acquired during physical activity, in motor vehicle collisions, and at work. A highlight of her clinical experience was spending a summer in Calgary at the Winsport Medicine Clinic where she assisted with injury rehabilitation of our Canadian Winter Olympic Athletes.

Lisa believes that athletic therapy is for all “athletes” of life. Athletic Therapists are specially trained to assess the musculoskeletal system as a whole and are able to locate deficiencies that cause pain and discomfort. Using primarily manual therapy, soft tissue work, and exercise-based treatment athletic therapy will help get you back to your active lifestyle. Lisa sees clients in St Boniface.

Lisa offers:

  • Athletic Therapy Services
  • Personal Training
  • First Responder Services
  • Group Fitness/Team Training

Colin Bosc, B. Kin CAT(C)

190117-Integrated Movement020Colin graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology-Athletic Therapy from the University of Manitoba in 2018. He went on to certify as an Athletic Therapist with the CATA in June of 2018. During his time at the University of Manitoba, he worked with the Bisons Football Team as a Head Student Athletic Therapist, as well as with many other high-level athletes.

Growing up, Colin was an active participant in a wide variety of sports and physical activities. This passion led him to pursue a career in athletic therapy, where he enjoys helping clients of all activity levels. He utilizes a variety of rehabilitative techniques such as manual therapy, stretching, and exercise programming to help his clients achieve their goals and return to their ideal lifestyle. He takes pride in ensuring his clients understand what is happening with their bodies and the ways in which it can be addressed.

He also enjoys volunteering his time to support community events with first-aid and athletic therapy services, such as the Manitoba Marathon and high school football games through the WHSFL.

Colin offers:

  • Athletic Therapy Services
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness/Team Training
  • First Responder Services

Logan Brennan CAT(C), BSc Kin

Logan is a passionate and enthusiastic graduate of the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy program. While attending the University of Winnipeg, Logan was also a member of the Wesmen Men’s Volleyball Team. Prior to graduation in June 2018, Logan made the Senior Men’s National Volleyball Team and competed for Canada at the 2018 Pan American Cup in Cordoba Mexico.190117-Integrated Movement002

During university, Logan worked with the Wesmen Men’s Baseball team, the Wesmen Men’s volleyball team and the Fort Gary Senior Men’s Basketball League. He has also worked with a variety of patients during his clinical placements at the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Centre including youth athletes and senior citizens.

Logan grew up in a small community in south west Alberta and was fortunate to be exposed to a number of sports/outdoor activities such as skiing, rodeo, hiking, horseback riding , volleyball, and track and field. Logan moved to Manitoba to pursue his degree in Athletic Therapy while also accepting a volleyball scholarship at the University of Winnipeg. While attending the University of Winnipeg Logan received awards both in his athletic and academic pursuits including a Rhodes Scholar nomination and the U Sports Dale Iwanozsko award for community service and academic achievement.

In his therapy practice, Logan’s goal is to accurately assess injury, determine all potentially contributing factors to the injury, work with the client to form an achievable plan, then above all, guide, motivate, regulate, and communicate with the patient through their entire rehabilitation process. Logan uses a combination of guided exercise prescription and manual therapy to help the patient achieve or surpass their previous level of quality of life.

Currently Logan is working as Integrative Movement’s Community Outreach Coordinator while also training to maintain his status with Team Canada, assistant coaching with the Wesmen Men’s/Women’s Volleyball programs, and assistant coaching the U16 Pirates girls volleyball team.

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