Musculoskeletal Rehab Services

Athletic Therapy + Physiotherapy

We are proud to have multiple highly trained Athletic Therapists and a Physiotherapist on our Integrative Movement Team. They work with people of all backgrounds, athletes, and groups on all things movement and health related. An Athletic Therapist is a specialist in the art and science of injury prevention, rehab, education, emergency response, and movement evaluation. Majority of Athletic Therapists hold a BSc. in Kinesiology- this is what sets us apart from other musculoskeletal rehab professionals. We’re specialized to prescribe exercise, assess movement, and improve movement habits for health.

Our ATs use manual therapies like massage technique, soft tissue release, myofascial release, and myofascial cupping as part of their practice. They take MPI/WCB claims as well as other private insurance company billing.

Our Physiotherapist comes from a intensive background in exercise science and uses both hands on modalities and exercise prescription to help those rehabilitating injuries or health conditions return to healthy function, and improve overall performance.