Basic Membership ($75/Mo or $600/year)

  • One in person or skype consult to determine goals
  • Workout programming with App and exercise videos every month
  • Access to coach for questions, concerns, and exercise advice
  • 1x/mo check in (in person, phone, or skype)

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ProCoach Membership ($100/mo or $1000/year)

  • One person or skype sessions to determine needs/assess movement (if in person)
  • Access to ProCoach habit change software and nutritional programming (this is AMAZING)
  • Weekly workouts with app and exercise videos
  • Unlimited access for feedback, questions, concerns, check ins
  • Discounted in person training sessions.

Weight Loss/Performance Eating ($75/mo or $800/year)

  • Access to ProCoach Habit and Nutrition based training and software.
  • Unlimited phone/email/text access for questions, feedback, etc
  • Meal Plans and Grocery Lists
  • Photo comparisons and guaranteed progress!